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MOTHER 10-31-07

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Mother was awake today when I visited.  She had her eyes closed when I entered the room but sensed that someone was in the room and opened her eyes.  I walked over to the bed and she smiled and watched me as I hung her clothes.   I gave her a sip of water and she frowned and did not want more, I then gave her a sip of Mountain Dew but she did not want more of that either.

It may just be in mind, but today she seemed more alert, she did not try to say anything (this is not unusual). I think she is doing better with the new aids, she appears refreshed as one does after a good bath, her nails are trimmed.  They started with her on Oct 23rd and work Mon – Fri.  I have yet to meet either of them because of my schedule, but maybe soon.

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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

I really believe that the thyroid tissue is growing again. I have had laryngitis for the past 2 days and a choking sensation just like before the RAI treatment. I am also beginning to be fatigued, not just tired. I do have an appointment with the surgeon on November 14. This was already scheduled as a follow-up from the RAI treatment. If I continue to have problems, I will need to discuss and get a life insurance quote from my brother.


Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

All types of things can be done to remodel a bathroom, especially if there is ample space. I would like to remodel our guest bathroom. I would like to separate the toilet from the vanity and tub/shower area, possibly even separating the tub/shower from the vanity area and making the vanity area large enough to be a dressing room. In this dressing room, I would want a fog resistant mirrored section on three walls so that my guests would have no problem checking their appearance before leaving the dressing room. Maybe even install two bathroom vanities or a double vanity, I could then have a male and female vanity decorating each accordingly. I would hang the female’s mirror just a few inches lower than I would hang the male’s mirror for convenience sake.

Maybe this vanity does not appeal to you but there are others from which to choose, contemporary, traditional or even glass and the vanity shapes are oblong, square or round.

I could shop at a contemporary furniture store with my ideas in mind and get just bathroom furniture vanities or get luxury bathroom vanity cabinets. I know that if I shop at for my bathroom vanities whether they are luxury vanities or just plain vanities, I will get the lowest guaranteed prices, money back satisfaction guaranteed, and free insured shipping.

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