DH is so very sick.  He was up several times during the night.  Before he got back into bed the first time he had to get up, he had a chill and just could not shake it off.  Literally when he got back into bed his whole body was shaking for quite a while.  I did all I knew to get him warm, but it was not enough, his body had to work thru the chill.  He lost his morning coffee and still went to work.  I do not know how he had the strength to go work as sick as he was and no more sleep than he got.

We have been married 31 years and this is the first time that I know of him throwing up.  He does not get sick very often but when he does, he tries to make up for all the times he has not been.  The last time he was really, really sick was March of 2005.

He ate chicken noodle soup for supper.  Hopefully, it will stay down and will help him feel better.

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  1. your dear gd says:

    tell him i hope he feels better!!

    love you and him.

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