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Saturday, September 15th, 2007

I remember that I mentioned on this blog that my husband played golf several years ago. Just today we were talking about the game and he told me that he and my brother both had a set of Ping Golf clubs. They used one brand of club and another brand of ball, and probably another brand of glove. I did know the brand of shoes DH wore, but it has escaped my memory at the moment.  Even tho DH no longer plays golf, he watches it regularly on TV.


Saturday, September 15th, 2007

After going across the river for supper, DH and I went to DD’s.  We knew she and Fancy would be the only ones home, but decided to go anyway.  We had a nice visit with just the two of them.  All of the others came in from their various sporting events, ate their dinner and then the fun began.

DH threw nothing in the air and then pretended to catch it in a small backpack.  He played this with Fancy before the others came home, she is only 19 months old and would have the most puzzled look on her face.  We would laugh at her expression and she would then grin as if to say ‘I have all the atterntion’.  After a couple of times the older children knew he was thumping the side of the backpack to make it sound as if something had landed in it.  The younger ones were so funny to watch as each would look in the backpack to see nothing.  Yes, they would actually say, “let me look, I see nothing”.    Batman got so excited playing this game that he actually jumped about and clapped his hands together.

Ok, sorry that it doesn’t sound as funny as it really was, but I am here to tell you that those children were so funny playing this make believe game that they really believed.  I laughed until I was crying.

Stuntman was telling how the game was played and Diva said to him “you should not be saying that, just because you know, don’t tell, the others are having fun.