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Saturday, September 1st, 2007

As a teenager I only had one babysitting job and it became a disaster. I was babysitting for my cousin’s wife so she could work a part time job on Saturday’s. Lo and Behold, she was not only working, but having an affair while I kept the children. At the time, I felt partly responsible for her behavior but as I grew older, I realized that I really had no part in her betrayal. I lived in a rural community and not many babysitting jobs were available.

I spent several years in the infant nursery at church during the Sunday School hour, even tho this was not paid babysitting, it was still babysitting and I enjoyed watching the babies develop. There was a little girl in the nursery and I was the only one that she would allow to hold her. She was very hard to get to sleep, but I usually managed to get her started on her morning nap. Her mom told me on numerous occasions that if I had not been there, she would not have been able to leave her.

Some folks think that anyone can babysit, be a mom or dad. This is just not true. One may be able to play the part, but not be devoted to the task. I no longer think that I feel the shoes of being a babysitter but I do keep the grandchildren on rare occasions. I like to keep the grandchildren 1 at a time, this allows for one on one attention giving each child quality time.


Saturday, September 1st, 2007

I had very good mental and written plans of what I needed and wanted to accomplish today as seen in my post “Busy Day”.  I just did not get it done.  Instead when I went to pick up Priss about 12:30, plans were changed.  She, Diva and myself went to Wal-Mart for a very quick shopping trip. (One can never go there for a quick shopping trip) Anyway 3 pairs of shoes, undies, socks and I can’t remember what else for a total of $116.  I took Diva home and Priss and my self came back to my house.  That was the end of chores for me.

T il Next Time


Saturday, September 1st, 2007

I have a busy day planned.  I must prepare the 15 pounds of okra, just gotta do that.  I have clothes in the washer now and need to do about 3 more loads, need to straighten the living room, (needs cleaning-not today), paper work, (monetary posts and medical bills), need must pick up Priss (Drama) before the others start getting ready to go to the ball games.  I need to go to the ball games, but I do not think it will happen today.   At this time, I need to do 6 monetary posts.

Must Get Up and Get At It!!!

Til Next Time