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Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Our Diner was closed tonight. This is not unusual on Friday nights. We went to Golden Corral and took Country with us. She seemed to just enjoy being with us, I think. She did not have much to say, but she smiled a lot. She may have just been bored. When we took Country home, Drama latched on to DH, but she always does. All of the grandchildren but one prefer him over me. This one may, but has never shown that she does. Then again it may be because they see me 3-5 times a week and only see him once, twice at the most.

Next week, if all goes well, we will take one of the other grandchildren with us. It will either be Batman or Diva.

Til Next Time

MOTHER 8-3-07

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Mother does not seem to change.  Asleep, she may wake or she may not.  Yesterday she was in the day room waiting on her supper ater her shower.  She was asleep but woke and smiled at me then turned her attention to the TV, Animal Planet was on.  She enjoyed watching that when she lived with us.  After a little while, I got her attention and told her bye.  Her facial expression said she was not happy that I was leaving.  Today she was in bed and did not even stir.

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Friday, August 3rd, 2007

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Friday, August 3rd, 2007

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Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Matters not whether you cross the big blue pond or a native of the UK, the sites in London are well worth your time to visit. There are several great places to stay while visiting different areas of the UK, hotels in London, hotels in Manchester, and hotels in Birmingham all offer luxury hotels or middle of the road hotels or cheap hotels. It just depends on what you prefer. London’s West End has luxury hotels in Hyde Park and Mayfair or more affordable hotels in Victoria or Paddington.

Places of interest to see while in London are the Convent Garden. Here you will find street performers, the best in London, street singers, mime artists performing stunts and also the plazza has eateries and restaurant tables spilling out onto it, so grab a seat and watch., watch and enjoy.

Other historic sites that would be of interest not only because of their history but because we have heard so much about them would be St Paul’s Cathedral (Prince Charles and Lady Di wed here), Westminster Abbey (every King and Queen since 1066 has been crowned here), and last but by know means least is the old Palace of Westminster (the main London residence of Kings and Queens. Also, one must see the main timepiece of the nation , Big Ben.

Make your plans, book your hotels and enjoy your time in the UK.