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Friday, July 13th, 2007

The boy scouts that my grandsons participate with are having a family camp out this weekend. Everyone went except my DD(the mom) the 2 youngest and the oldest. The older daughter (Country) could not go because she still has not finished her chore. Sunday DD and Diva will be going to Carowinds and coming back on Monday, only time will tell if Country will complete her chore and go with them.

What does all of the above have to do with haircuts?? Just an introduction to the real thoughts.

It has been quite a while since I gave the grandsons a haircut. Their hair had gotten really long and poor fellows looked as if no one cared about their appearance. I had been saying for about a month, I really needed to get it done, well, today was the day. The older two go the same style cut, buzzed with the #4 guard on the clippers in the back and on the sides and a scissor cut on the top leaving it about 3/4″ long. The bad part about this was that because their hair was so long, they had to first have a scissor cut on the sides and in the back.

The youngest got just a regular short scissor cut, with a rattail. Some of his older siblings say that he looks ‘dorky’ because he has a rattail. We know they went out years ago, before he was even born, he will be 6 August 24. I was cutting his hair months ago and asked if he wanted a rattail and not even knowing what it was said yes. The next time he got a haircut, he told me to cut it off. I, of course, asked if he no longer liked it, he said he did like it but they made fun of him. I told him not to worry, I would take take of that if he wanted to keep his rattail, so he said he wanted it. It was really too thin, so today we started over with a little more hair in it.

I hope they all have fun!!

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FUN DAY 7-12-07

Friday, July 13th, 2007

I really had and enjoyable time yesterday and so did the granddaughters. After I picked them up and we had decided to go see Mother and then eat, Diva later said maybe we should eat first and then go see her. Apparently she was getting hungry, I was and Drama said she was ready to eat also. We ate on the patio at Dale’s by the lake. It was quite pleasant out and the breeze was nice. I asked what they wanted to eat before we arrived, Diva wanted chicken tenders and Drama wanted shrimp. Diva ate 3 of her tenders and Drama and I shared a plate of shrimp and we all had fries. That little girl can really put away some shrimp. I am thinking that maybe next time I order a plate for her instead of sharing mine.

We then went to see Mother, who was sleeping. I called her and raised the bed so she could easily see the children, she smiled at them and promptly went back to sleep. Her head was not even supported but she sure was sleeping. I lowered the bed because I knew she was not going to respond anymore to us.

Then we went on to my friend’s house. I had called and told them that I would be going, shortly after we arrived so did they, their older daughter was already there. We got on our swimsuits and got in the water. Drama had arm wings and Diva a booggie board. My friend’s husband and daughter went out in the boat fishing and friend got a life jacket for each of the girls and a water seat for Drama, put on her suit and we went to the end of the pier. I cannot swim and am really afraid of the water but not wanting to pass my fear on to them, I acted as if I was ok. Diva had taken swimming lessons over 6 years ago and can float and thanks to my friend she can now swim. In about 10 minutes Diva was swimming. She kept on her life jacket.

Friend’s husband and daughter came back shortly and he asked if the girl’s wanted to go for a boat ride, of course they did. He said as long as you have on a life jacket, we’ll go. You needed to see this to appreciate the full value. He has the girls sitting on the seat and he is kinda standing behind Drama steering, before he even gets the boat completely turned around and on their way, she has slid over and has grabbed the wheel and is trying to steer the boat. When they came back in Diva was steering and he was impressed with her sense of direction.

We then dried off as much as possible changed our clothes, said our “thank-yous” and came on home and they ate supper with us. Drama asked off and on all day to see her granddaddy.

I really appreciate my friends offering us the pleasure of using their lake house and even more that they have a genuine interest in making sure we have an enjoyable time.

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