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Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

“What is one item that you own that has minimal monetary value, but has such sentimental value that you wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money?”

Wow! Karen, this is a hard one. I guess it is the blue eyewash dispenser that my granddaddy used. He died in July of 1957, I think. This is a tiny blue glass (looks a little like depression glass, but is not) that he would put liquid in and then put over his eye. I do not remember why. This glass will fit perfectly over one’s eye without letting the liquid spill. This is the only thing of his that I have.

My Pa loved me no doubt, but my brother was his favorite of the two of us and that is ok. I do not feel hurt or neglected. I shall have to ask my brother if he would like to have this eye glass.


Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

I have never gotten my mail at the Post Office, but if I did, no doubt, it would be in a locking mailbox. I have seen quite a few different designs of security mailboxes at apartment complexes and condos.

It is really a shame that people who have a private mailbox feel the need to lock it in order to protect themselves from having stolen mail. My mother-in-law had her state tax refund check stolen out of her mailbox a few years ago, if she had used a security mailbox, this could not have happened.


Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Adequate light is almost a must for reading, sewing, other crafts, and cooking. One can finds scores of hundreds of lighting fixtures,lamps, and outdoor lighting in many styles and at the lowest prices at They carry products by manufactures such as Ambience, Flos, Maxim Lighting, Hinkley Lighting, and Fine Art Lamps to name only a few.

Farrey’s offers all types of lighting–indoor lights such as accent lamps, fine art lamps, vanity strips, floor lamps, desk lamps, wall sconces, wall mounted fixtures and flush or semi-flush ceiling light fixtures and let’s not forget the beauty of all light fixtures, the chandelier. For your outdoor lighting needs, you may choose post mount lanterns, flood lights, deck light, landscape lighting, pier lighting and many more.

I really distress, if lighting is poor when I am trying to do something that does require good light. I would definitely be a poor candidate for a candle light dinner.


Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Before I actually write my post this comment is for a family member. I am not being partial, someone had a chore to do and has not finished it in 6 weeks. It was, at the most, a week job.

I am off work tomorrow and if the weather permits, it will be a fun day. I will pick up Diva (11 yrs old) and Drama (3 yrs old) and we will go see Mother for a while. After that we will have lunch at Dale’s Seafood (yum-yum) and then go to my friend’s house and the granddaughters will play in the lake. I hope I remember my camera.  Weather permitting the boys will have the same or a similar treat on Monday.

I think all of my grandchildren are super intelligent. The children take turns coming to my house, I was over the other day and Drama asked if it was her turn. I told her no, the next time I went over, she asks “is it my turn yet”.

I saw the older 2 in the grocery store on Monday (they were with their dad) Diva came to me and hugged me Hello and Bye, but Country just talked to me. Like adults, children are certainly different.

Til Next Time


Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Not a very good day for me.  I get up, feeling as good as I normally do, got dressed and went to work.  On the way to work my head started hurting.  By about 10:30, if anyone said anything it seemed as if my head was vibrating.   This continued until well into the evening.  My head has hurt some today but nothing compared to yesterday.  A few of the “doctors” at work said it sounded like a migraine to them, I needed to go to the doctor. I have never been one to go to the doctor until I just had to go.   A few sniffles or a few aches is no reason for me to spend money.

Til Next Time