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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

I am ready for bed. Not ready as in my pj’s but my body is ready. Lay-a-Way was a little busy today as parents are realizing school is about a month away and decided today was the day to do some school shopping. I wonder why they did not wait until tax free weekend.

I found some steal of deals and made a lay-a-way myself. This time I only shopped for the grandsons. They were left out earlier in the year when I was buying for the girls. Total I got about 9 complete outfits (shirt & pants) and about 6 extra shorts, 2 pairs of long pants and a shirt for less than $100. Gotta love apparel summer clearance sales!! DD and I sure do. Only employees can put clearance items on lay-a-way.


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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

I received a phone call today from my doctor’s nurse telling me my thyroid levels are in the range for the RAI treatment.  I had called and asked her to fax the last lab results to me.  They were so out of proportion that she wanted to tell me over the phone before she faxed the report.  The TSH level is 41.70 should be no higher than 4.68, the FT4 is 0.10 should be no lower than 0.62.  I have checked the placement of the decimals, they are correct.

I am now waiting for another call to determine what the procedure really is , the preparation for it and when it will actually be done.  I also need to ask about side effects, contamination and other worries that I have.   Oh, and we must not forget costs as she said it was very expensive.

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Monday, July 30th, 2007

I found out just a little info on the thyroid and how it works. The TSH level is the brain telling the gland to produce or that the body has enough. The T4 is the actual gland that produces what the body needs. If the gland cannot produce enough then the TSH level rises while the T4 level decreases therefore the body is tired and the other things about the body may not be just right such as skin too dry or hair thinning, and let’s not forget the weight gain. If the gland over produces then the heart races, shortness of breath is involved, headache and weight loss.

I am so glad the pharmacist explained this to me. This is not exactly what she said, but I now understand a lot more of what is going on than I did.


Monday, July 30th, 2007

Before moving, my sister-in-law had a very nice wooden wine rack on her kitchen counter. She is an excellent cook and uses wine in a lot of the dishes she prepares. The wine she drinks (no, she is not a wine-o) when not being chilled, she kept in a very beautifully designed wine rack in her dining room which matched the dining room furniture perfectly. I wonder if it came as a part of the dining room suit.

I have not had the time to visit since she moved, as she does not live nearby, so I have no idea if she is using the same wine racks, but I do know that if they do not match the other decor she has selected they will be replaced. I need to tell her to visit Here she can see all types of wine racks wooden, metal, wrought iron and even ones that hang from the ceiling or ones that are mounted to the wall. They also carry wine rack furniture. If she ordered from them, shipping would be free and her satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

She has a birthday in November, maybe I should suggest to my brother that he give her something from the Vine Store.

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Monday, July 30th, 2007

I have a friend that at one time in her life would never been seen in public if her shoes and purse were not the same color and a definite match to her clothing. She should really do some shopping at Ashley’s Boutique. Thanks to her, I am more conscious of matching my accessories. There is so much to choose from at Ashley’s, replica handbags of famous designers like Coach Prada, Gucci, and Vuitton , also jewelry replicas of Dior and Harrington design.

If you are fashion conscious, shopping at Ashley’s Boutique is a must. Not only will you find handbags, accessories, and jewelry but also sunglasses and other items needed to complete your outfit that will make a statement about you.

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Sunday, July 29th, 2007

I have a friend that dearly loves horses, like some people love cats and dogs. She also loves tiny birds. What a contrast!

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Sunday, July 29th, 2007

While I was still sleeping yesterday morning, my DH washed my car. Yes, he does do that for me quite regularly, partly because he likes to be busy and partly because he knows I would never manually do it. He always cleans the rims and tires and sometimes he even cleans the inside. Automotive detailing supplies would make this job much easier for him. I guess I should consider getting those supplies for him since he is nice enough to do my car.


Sunday, July 29th, 2007

In my dream kitchen that I designed a few weeks ago, I failed to mention the stove. I would want it maybe only 4 inches lower than most manufactured stoves today. I think that I would want 2 stoves or else a cooking service with at least 6 burners. I know that is a lot of burners, but sometimes it seems that I do not have enough cooking space. However, that creates a problem as to how the range hoods would be installed. I guess the company that makes the stoves and hoods will already have that little problem solved.


Sunday, July 29th, 2007

One of my jobs in the past was to prepare payroll twice a month. When I first started the job, it was for about 175 employees, when I quit there were about 225 employees. Not much increase, but at that time, everyone punched a time card and the cards were figured manually (with the help of a calculator, of course) but still it was quite time consuming just to get the time ready to be entered for the payroll, making sure that those who received differential pay for evening and night shift were not overlooked. After getting the time ready to enter, if I had been using up to date payroll software, the job would have gone faster and I am sure much less headache.  The software would have noted those who received differential pay figured it for me.


Sunday, July 29th, 2007

The cook at Our Diner really tries to make sure the DH has a good meal when he works.  Just as he looks after her, she tries to look after him.  Knowing that tomorrow afternoon will be rushed as she is working until 3, plans to go see her mom and sit with the grandchildren, she has already prepared part of tomorrow night’s supper.  The menu is cube steak in onion and garlic gravy, stewed down potatoes, rice and canned string beans.  All she will need to do tomorrow is prepare the rice and heat the beans, potatoes, meat and gravy.  Oh yes, she did that.  Between making her posts and eating ice cream, the cook started the meal she will serve tomorrow night.  Sometimes, not often, she does surprise everyone including herself by her swiftness.

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