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Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Two of the grandchildren had birthdays in May. I am so lame, I have not even given them their birthday gifts yet. I want to give them when their Granddaddy is with me. Of course, if I wait Drama will think I had nothing to do with it. She loves fine unless Granddaddy is around and then I barely exist. That is ok because that is how all of them have been but one, Diva is mine thru and thru. She loves him, but I am hers, too. I know all of them love me but 2 and sometimes I wonder about them, but as I have said about others in the family, it may be their loss.

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Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I am not scheduled at K-Mart today, but I will be very busy.

1) go across the river and get DH’s contacts.

2) go to the nursing home and check on Mother.

3) go home (Mother’s house) and try to dig up a dogwood.

3a) while there go to Clarkton and get poison to go on one of her plants that is infested with something.

4) go to DD house so she can do some tweaking of my site.

5) go thru my medical bill notebook and make sure that all is filed correctly and all insurances have been filed.

6) straighten the dining and living room.

7) prepare supper.

8)- write checks for Mother’s bills.

9) blog, Blog, and BLOG

10) file all paid for blogging correspondence copies in their respective space in the Blogging Notebook.

It is about 9:15 and here I sit, have not even had my coffee yet!!! gotta go —–


Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Mother was awake tonight and told me she wanted water, then told me it was hot.

The not good part:  incompetent staff had just laid Mother’s glasses on the night stand–never mind the case for them was open on her display shelves.  Have not brushed her teeth in days.  The aid she had brushed them last evening–not true–toothbrush dry as a bone in a closed plastic bag.  Had a few words with her about the care she was giving Mother.  She said she was doing the best she knew and I replied she needed to go back to school.  (not the Christian way).  Before I left, I did tell her our conversation was not to have a negative effect on Mother’s care.

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

My last 2 days at work have been anything but enjoyable.  Yes, I usually do enjoy work.  What I do not enjoy is working in several departments when I think the department I am assigned needs some fine tuning.  Yesterday, I worked in my department, (Lay-a-way) plus receiving and electronics.  Today I worked in my department and the service desk.  I guess it would have bothered me so, but when I looked at the schedule for next week, I will work  3 of 4 Sundays.  Oh well, I do have a job.

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Monday, May 28th, 2007

DH for the hard work you did today.

After I cut DD hair this morning, DH and I again started the conversation we have been having the past month. What kind of trees do we want to plant? We had already looked one time, but  unsure, we did not make a purchase.

We go across the river to one store and they have nothing except trees we are unwilling to spend that much to purchase.  Well, they did have an abundance of Bradford Pear, but I do not care for those. I wanted something a little different and something that would have pretty fall colors. We go to another store and find a Red Sunset Maple, Autumn Blaze Maple, a Japanese Red Maple (have had my eye on these before we ever started discussing trees) and a Hibiscus tree. I had said that I wanted Maples because of their fall colors, but we needed those that did not grow 70 feet high. These grow 45 and 50 feet the Japanese grows to 20 feet and the Hibiscus will be about 10 feet.

He planted the tall Maples in the backyard for shade, the Hibiscus in the back close to an Althea that we have had a couple of years, the Japanese Maple in the front yard because of its colorful foliage. It will look very nice next year when the dogwoods are in bloom. The dirt for 2 of the holes was so hard that he had to use the axe like a pick to soften it so he could dig.

I did help him a little— got the water hose, the skirting that we always put around the flower beds or other things we plant, and even carried him mulch a couple of times.

When I can find it, I want to get another Red Sunset Maple to be planted on the same side of the yard as the one that was planted today.

I also cleaned a bunch of trash out of my car, while he was working so hard. After we finished in the yard, I did a load of clothes and prepared supper.

I really need to shower now. I was in the sun more today than I have been all spring combined. I did put sunscreen on my face, arms and legs, but forgot my neck and I can already tell–too much sun there.


Sunday, May 27th, 2007

My blessing this week is sad but yet very profound.  The Dad of a very good friend of mine passed away this week.  You ask “how can that be a blessing”.  The friend’s attitude was praising God.   A miracle was needed to restore her dad’s health on earth.  He knew no one and needed total care.  Before a decision could be made as to whether or not to bring Hospice in, he died.  She said God took care of it for us.  My blessing is knowing someone with so much faith and not ashamed to tell anyone that God indeed is in control.


Saturday, May 26th, 2007

I mentioned posted that we had to get a new washer after using the one that came with our house 27 years ago.  At the time we purchased the washer (front loading), we also got a pedestal.  Today when I got home from work,  I saw that DH had been working also.  He had re-floored the washroom, put the washer on the pedestal , and even washed a load of clothes.  The pedestal is great for the lower back, especially if it has been injured.

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Saturday, May 26th, 2007

DH is making his plans to redo the flooring in our dining room. If we were wine drinkers, now would be time to shop for wine racks. The selection is wide and varied at the Vine Store. Here you can find wooden wine racks, metal wine racks, wall mounted wine racks, or even hanging wine racks in several styles and and different size bottle capacities. All items have a 100% guarantee and are shipped tax free except in the state of Ohio.

Maybe instead of a wine rack you would prefer to have wine furniture. I have no use for it but I like this design.

La Cage Au Vin
Maybe you want something unique and different as is pictured below or something simple. No mater what your taste in design, it can be found at the Vine Store.
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This is one of their specialty wine racks. This would make an interesting gift for your dinner hostess and plus be a great conversational subject.
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My sister-in-law likes wine and unique displays so I know she would really like this. So, if you too are into different, go to the Vine Store and see for your self the many different items and accessories for wine, either for your own use or to be given as gifts.
This is a sponsored post. 


Friday, May 25th, 2007

Well, I have gone to see Mother and now am back home. As usual she was sleeping, this time she was in what appeared to be a very uncomfortable position. I went down the hall after I hung her clothes to check an order with the nurse and when I returned she was still sleeping but frowning. I do not know if she was dreaming or in pain. Could have been either, before she got so sick, rather when she was talking she would tell us about some of the weirdest dreams she had.

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Friday, May 25th, 2007

Time is going by too fast. It is already 5:30, Mother’s clothes are not dry. Supper is not finished. I still have the 1 hour and 45 minute drive ahead of me so Mother will have her clean clothes. I must go to bed fairly early and I must also blog, blog, and blog. Certainly not like the song “Time is on my Side”.

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