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Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Friends: I do not have visiting friends and that is okay with me. What I do have are friends that are only a phone call away. I have one friend that almost every time I call her, she says something similar to ‘I was just thinking about you’ or ‘I thought about you on my drive to work’. Some of my friends will call to ask if everything is ok if they have not heard from me in a while.

A classmate that has been my friend since 7th grade is just super nice. I have never heard her say one word about another person, that if they overheard could in any way hurt them. Her husband is also a great friend. When my mom was put in a facility near their vacation home, they gave me a key so that I could use it anytime I wanted or needed a little pleasure from the stress involved in having a relative placed in a nursing facility. They also told my brother how to find entrance.

I have friends that are like sisters and they say I am a sister also. Can’t get much better than that. One of these sisters was called at 1 in the morning to let her know that DGD #4 was on her way to the hospital, when she was only 2 weeks old. Said friend met us there, yes, she did. Back years ago while DD#1 was still at home another sister met me at the hospital because DD had been in an car accident.

A friend to me is one that will let me be me and still be there if I should tilter to set me straight again. A friend will come running in a time of distress, sickness and sometimes even for a joyful occasion to help in any way needed.

I have never lived anywhere but in North Carolina, so I can’t say how friends react elsewhere.

Silver and Gold have I none, but I have FRIENDS!!!

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