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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

DD #1 has tagged me. :? I am suppose to tell you 5 things about myself that you do not know. You can read her comments here .

1) I am the baby and only girl and had 4 older brothers.

2) I am shy, though no one will ever believe it.

3) I am very insecure and have little self confidence.

4) I was brought up on a tobacco farm.

5) I detest keeping the house in order, but love to sit on my butt and crochet.

There, you have it folks. Items 2 and 3 I have never thought much about until I had to reveal things about myself. I did not realize until know just how true they are.

I have no one to tag, sorry.

Til Next Time


Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

I have visited Mother, but as you can see have not been posting about my visits.

Not much has changed in her condition.  She does seem to recognize me more often now.  ( This could be wishful thinking.)  She still is not talking-only a very brief nod when she is asked a question.  Some days she will not take her medicine.  She does not seem to be eating as well now.   I fed her lunch yesterday and she only ate maybe 25% of it but ate 2 Hunt’s Puddings after she would no longer eat any of her lunch.  At this point, anything is better than nothing.  She has a med to increase her appetite so her not taking her meds regularly may be the reason she is not eating as well.

Today she is going for a CT scan, so hopefully it will answer some of our questions.

Til Next Time