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Saturday, December 30th, 2006

I do now??? I realized today that Mother needs a little cape to keep her shoulders nice and warm when she is sitting up. I have found a child’s pattern that I can use to make it (will just have to increase original chain by 8 (eight)). The problem that I am facing is what color or colors to use.

For Mother’s ease in being dressed, she only wears gowns that open in the back and matching housecoats. This way she does not have to lift her arms and nothing goes over her head. The colors are lavender, pink, mint green, blue and yellow.

Well, for now, I guess that I do nothing for Mother and work on the baby blanket that is still not finished. Nope, change mind again, found 1 skein of lavender, so I am going to start a cape and hope that when I get more yarn the colors are the same dye lot.

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Saturday, December 30th, 2006

DD#1 and I went to See Mother today.

She had been taken to the dining room to be fed her lunch.  I called on the way and was told they were having a fish sandwich for lunch.  There is a restaurant about a mile from the facility that specializes in seafood.  Before going to the facility, I went by and picked up a shrimp plate for her.  She only ate maybe a third of it.

Mother did not look as alert today as she has for the past  couple of days.    Maybe she was more tired today.  I am sure she had been up at least an hour before we got there, and was just waiting for someone to feed her.  I do wish that I was closer so that I could be more available to assist in her care.  If I could just be there at meal times, I would know that she was given every opportunity needed to eat all that she wants.  I am sure that when she indicates she has had enuff that she is not prompted or enticed to eat more.   I know little things to do to get her to eat more and they do not and it would do no good to tell them as they cannot understand the simple instruction of “Mother needs on her white socks and then a pair of thicker socks over them at all times”.
I know that my train of thoughts have not been separated correctly, but that is how life is today.

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Thursday, December 28th, 2006


I had more blood work done on the 21st because I just knew my synthroid was not at the correct dosage.  I was given a boost to do this because of a comment made by Approaching Glory.

The results show that my calcium is still just a little high but should not have any bearing on how I feel.  However, my TSH level is still at 0.0 and should between 0.47 and 4.68.  My Free T 4 level is within range at 1.82 but is on the high end.  It should be between .062 and 1.94.

The doctor is still trying to get my meds regulated, he lowered my dosage from 137mcg to 125mcg.  I think it should even be lower than this.  Before the test results, I had changed my dosage without any consultation.  I took half 137mcg, the next day took a whole, and the day after that I took the other half.  Yes, I did feel better.  I have an appointment on the 27th of January and will go in a few days before for more tests.

The nurse is saying it takes about a month before the new meds can make a difference, maybe she knows, but I disagree.

I do think some of my tiredness could be depression over Mother.

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Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Mother’s CT scan showed something that in my opinion is worse than a stroke. She has been diagnosed with ‘organic brain syndrome’ which is a symptom of deterioration of the brain.  It will not get any better, only worse.

It is my understanding from what I read on the internet, this can be caused by a number of things–acute infection and she had a severe UTI a few months back, depression, TIAs, high blood pressure which she has had for many many years, to name a few.

On a higher note, her eyes looked more alert today and she said 3 words.

She did forget to swallow her coffee today.  Not knowing how much she comprehends as to what is going on, I do hate to remind her to chew and swallow.  I noticed yesterday that she chewed her food for a very long time.  I guess I will ask if she has swallowed.

This is so very sad to me.  Mother has always been one to care for others and now she is totally dependent on someone else to care for her.   I do not understand why this has happened to her, but know that if I were suppose to understand then I would.

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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

DD #1 has tagged me. :? I am suppose to tell you 5 things about myself that you do not know. You can read her comments here .

1) I am the baby and only girl and had 4 older brothers.

2) I am shy, though no one will ever believe it.

3) I am very insecure and have little self confidence.

4) I was brought up on a tobacco farm.

5) I detest keeping the house in order, but love to sit on my butt and crochet.

There, you have it folks. Items 2 and 3 I have never thought much about until I had to reveal things about myself. I did not realize until know just how true they are.

I have no one to tag, sorry.

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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

I have visited Mother, but as you can see have not been posting about my visits.

Not much has changed in her condition.  She does seem to recognize me more often now.  ( This could be wishful thinking.)  She still is not talking-only a very brief nod when she is asked a question.  Some days she will not take her medicine.  She does not seem to be eating as well now.   I fed her lunch yesterday and she only ate maybe 25% of it but ate 2 Hunt’s Puddings after she would no longer eat any of her lunch.  At this point, anything is better than nothing.  She has a med to increase her appetite so her not taking her meds regularly may be the reason she is not eating as well.

Today she is going for a CT scan, so hopefully it will answer some of our questions.

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Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

or lack thereof?  I am off till the next schedule is made.  That is until at least Saturday the 30th if not longer.  However DH went back to work today for what is his now normal schedule 10 or more hours a day with no days off.  I am thankful that he had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off.  He did not get a lot of rest, as it was do this and that, but at least he could sleep in an extra hour or two.

DH took me shopping Christmas Eve morning for my anniversary present (9-3-76) Christmas present and birthday present (1-16). He took me to Perry’s Emporium !   What sparkle – but even better – What a great guy DH is!!  He was working on our anniversary and says that he will be working on my birthday.

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Monday, December 18th, 2006

My disclosure policy is as follows: I am a person of free will therefore I may write whatever I wish on my blog. In doing so, the content of my blog will always be truthful and sometimes some posts may be a fantasy. Some content will be paid comments and those comments will be derived from what I have read on the advertiser’s site. My intent is to use my blog as an online diary and to make some extra money but above all “never mislead anyone by what I may write”.


Sunday, December 17th, 2006


I visted Mother for alittle while today.  She was sleeping but not resting.  She would open her eyes and look around the room.  My nephew and his family, from Goldsboro, visited with her for a few minutes.  

She was really cold when they got her up for lunch.  For a lack of something better, I put a sheet around her shoulders.  She was wearing a thick housecoat, but was trembling from being cold.  When she lived with me, she would be wrapped in an electric throw and still be cold.

She has one really good nurse that is trying to help me figure why Mother is declining so rapidly. 

In about 6 weeks, Mother has gone from feeding herself to being fed, not interested in any conversation at all, (as in not talking) and I really am not sure that she recognized me today.  Until Thursday, I would know from the look in her eyes, but could not tell today.  Today when I talked with her, she would close her eyes and maybe give a very brief nod.

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Friday, December 15th, 2006


Oh! This is such a bitter pill to swallow.:cry:

Mother was asleep yesterday when I arrived but it was not a peaceful sleep as she kept grunting.

Her right hand was a little swollen and the ‘brilliant’ nurse said and I quote.  “I wouldn’t say it was swollen, just a little edema.”

The aids got Mother up about 4:30 for supper.  Part of the time, her eyes said she recognized me and sometimes she didn’t.  I talked with her a little while and she would just look at me, not thru me but as if she didn’t know me or understand what I was saying.  The only times she showed any type of recognition was when I told her I had to go home and fix DH supper and called him by name and when I called her ‘Mother”.

I did not get off work in time to go today.  I may go tomorrow even tho my brother is going.  I definitely plan to go Sunday.

If a nurse is reading this, please give your thoughts on her actions or lack thereof possibly being related to the renal failure.

Mother’s doctor sure got things moving that my brother and myself could not.  Mother had been in a dining area that she fed herself and only received minor assistance.  The Dr. called the facility on the 8th, another evaluation of her feeding ability was done on the 11th and on the 12th she was moved to a dining area where the residents are fed.  Life would have been so much easier on her if the staff had only believed or listened to us. 

When Mother was able to do some caring for herself, I wanted her to take part, but now that I know she can’t, I want her taken care of fully.  She is in a facility for someone to take care of her because I cannot physically do what needs to be done for her.

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