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Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 8pm

I am well pleased with my doings for today. All were accomplished except I have not worked on the baby blanket yet.

I did do my mom’s laundry.

I am so excited—I have been asked if I want to train in the cash office at work. I do hope this works out. Tomorrow I will sit in on the job and see if it interests me. I know it will be of interest because I really enjoy bookkeeping and the challenge of balancing. I just hope that I have the confidence in myself to do the job. If I take the position, I will go to work at 6am and get off about 10am. Super Hours!!!!!

I need to take DGD#3 home so that I can get back home and prepare for early rising at 4:45am.

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Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 11:15am

I have alot of things planned for today since it is already 11:00.

1) go to DD#1′s so that she can change my blog. I know zilch, noto, zero, nothing about setting up new stuff on computers.

2) give 2 of the DGS haircuts and trim the other one. DGS#1′s hair is really thick. He has not had a cut since before my surgeory. He has even asked his mom to please cut his hair.

3) go see Mother. She was not doing well yesterday, I don’t think. Usually when I visit she will try to stay awake, not yesterday. She only wanted to sleep, (a sympton of renal failure) she would only open her eyes when I talked to her. As it is DGD#3′s turn to come to our house, she will go with me to visit Mother.

4) after I get home from the visit, it will be time to start DH’s supper. I am not even sure what I am going to fix, that will depend on what time I get back.

5) work on the baby blanket. I put in 3 rows last night. That is a total of 8 rows and only 4″ long. Gotta do alot in a short amount of time.

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Monday, September 25th, 2006

Monday, Sept. 25, 2006 9:50 am

About 10 or 12 pattern repeats on row 4 of the baby blanket I did not do the chain 3. Of course a mistake like this is not noticed until one is ready to work the pattern in that ch 3 space. What all this means is that I had to rip out almost 2 rows of good work to correct the mistake. In reality, I only added 1 row to the blanket last night.

Maybe tonight will be better!!

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Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Sunday, Sept.24,2006 7:10pm

Yesterday went quite well. After I did the post, I washed 3 loads of laundry, tidied the computer desk, and worked on the baby blanket a little before it was time to start supper for my husband. I really feel bad for him, today is the 20th day straight that he has worked 10 hours per day and no let up in the near future.

Surprised my ownself this morning! I had my clock set for 7, but hit snooze until 7:30, got up and got ready for Sunday School and Church. Sunday School starts at 9 and I was on time.

After church 3 of my friends and myself went to the Golden Dragon for lunch. They really have yummy food there and it is buffett.

Took Mother her laundry and visited with her a little. DD#1 went with me. Mother expressed that she was hungry so we got her some nabs (cheese crackers with peanut butter). She ate 4 of the 6 in the package and drank some water. The restorative feeder said that she did not eat much lunch. Her mind does seem to be a little clearer. She did ask where had I been, I told her that I was there on Friday and today was Sunday so she was ok with that. However, she did ask if I had heard from my brother and I told her yes, he was fine and would see her next week-end.

Sure wish that I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow, but I do. I guess I will just have to face the facts of life, bite the bullet, and go on and enjoy it. Yes, I do like my job. (Would whine here about being tired but I won’t say anymore about it now.)

I need to clean the kitchen from supper, because the baby blanket is calling again. I have only done 4 rows about 38″ long and need to do about 100 per the pattern. I am not sure that I will need that many as the pattern said make the beginning chain 232 chains, I only made it 173, I think. I have a horrible time meeting gauge, so I just make my chain and measure it for the right length. This I do after a swatch.

MDSIL just called and they are on the ground. This day and age one is always concerned about flying, subways and railways.

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What A Week!

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Saturday, September 23,2006

Went to see Mother on Monday, she thought that I had died. tried to convince her that family would be the only ones to tell her if my brother or myself died. The doctor went to see her on Thursday (routine) and she told him that I had died. Anyway, I have stressed to all the staff that I have seen that are taking care of her, please encourage water. Last night she seemed better, even tho she thought she had seen my brother on “Wheel of Fortune”. I did offer her water and she drank almost 3 small cups during our visit.

I wrote a post on Monday night and lost it. Don’t know what I did, but when I finished with spell check and said to post –nothing was there. The sad part about losing the post, I think it was a really good post–the words just flowed–did not have to think of what I should say next.

I worked almost 16 hours this week. WOW! some of you will say, especially those of you like my husband who worked 70. He is working 7 days 10 hours a day until further notice. Anyway, I gave my supervisor a list of days I needed off for Dr. appts. and for Mother. She asked me if I only wanted to work 3 days a week for a while, I told her that would be great until my synthroid is at the right dosage.

Finally have a baby blanket started. I do not think that I crochet well enought to do real fancy stitches so this one is perfect – chain, single crochet, and double crochet. The way the stitches are done, they make a cute design. The pattern is ‘So Huggable’ found in the “Leisure Arts Our Best Baby Afgans”. I first did a swatch on a shell pattern. That pattern is really really pretty, but I am not sure that I could do the sides correctly. ‘Shell Crochet Baby Blanket’ by Caron Yarns, pattern #CN0949.

DD#1 is really good to go with me to see Mother. Sometimes her schedule or the children’s schedules will not allow her to go and sometimes her husband does not get home early enough. If at all possible, she goes, never refusing just because she wants to stay home. I probably should but I don’t always ask her or one of the children to go with me.

I need to get my mom’s laundry started and do some house work, but that baby blanket is calling for me to work on it. I only have until the first of November to finish it.

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Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Sept 21,2006

I have decided that in this time era that if you are not very liberal and do not do or act like everyone else, maybe the best thing to do is go to work, stay home when possible and by all means keep your opinions to yourself lest you offend someone.


Sunday, September 17th, 2006

2:10pm, Sunday, Sept 17, 2006

Wednesday night when DH started to bed, I heard him mutter something, so I went to see what was going on—Lo and Behold— water was all over the bathroom floor!! Further investigation also found water in the laundry room. The hot water line was just pouring water. It sounded as if some one had turned the water on full blast. Thank the Lord, DH has some plumbers experience so in a very short time the problem was solved.

This day I also came home from work early due to pure exhaustion. Not that I was working that hard, I was just so very tired. For those of you who may have to have thyroid surgeory in the future- Do NOT rush yourself back into activity. I was out of work a month (not long enough), but due to family obligations, I did not stop other activity for a month. That and the fact that the synthroid is still in experimental stage, I really feel worse than I did before surgeory.

I guess my poor mom thinks I am deserting her. I did not go see her Monday – Friday like I am suppose to. It is about 35 miles to the facility. She tells me to take care of myself, but I feel bad when I don’t go.

Mother is in renal failure, my brother and I found this out in August 2004. At this time the Dr. said Mother could no longer stay alone so she moved in with me. She stayed with me until March 2006. She spent a week in the hospital (still not sure what the problem was) and only got out of bed twice. The Dr. sent her to a nursing facility for rehab, but she did not get strong enough to come back to my house. I really hate that she is in a facility but I know that I canNOT take care of her. She is totally dependant except for feeding herself.

Mother is suppose to drink at least 60 ounces of liquid per day, this helps eliminate the toxins by making her kidneys more active. Anyway, she is not doing so because she can’t get the water herself and the aids probably have not been told to encourage fluids. Lack of fluids affect her mind. Saturday morning she thought the FBI had shot and killed my brother. (He has never been arrested, much less wanted by the FBI) She was so upset, the facility called my brother so that she would have peace of mind.

Just a true plug here for my brother, “I do not know how I would manage without him”. He lives about 2 hours away and gives up every week-end to go see Mother. He stays in her house overnite on the week-ends. If for some reason, he is unable to go Saturday or Sunday, he will tell me and sometimes I will go.

I really need to start a baby blanket for one of my friends’ granddaughter. The child is about 8 or 9 months old. Her dad is in the military and they will be going to Alaska in November. Yes, she may need a crocheted blanket there!

DGD#2 (age 13) stayed with me from Thursday night until after supper last night. As much as my energy would let me, she also did alot to help me. We moved several containers of yarn into what was Mother’s room, moved items from the lower part of the hutch into the bottom of the night stand in that room and also worked on the cabinet that I store coffee mugs and glasses in. Once things get cluttered and in disarray, it is time consuming ( I work very slow) to restore them back to order and for them to be easily accessible. She spent a lot of time watching Animal Planet, but when I called she came immediately, so TV watching did not interfere with her helping me.

We did not do anything Friday but get her hair cut. It was about shoulder length and is now anywhere from 1/2 inch to about 2 1/2 inches. We should have taken before and after pics but did not think about it until after. After the haircut, we did a little shopping at Sam’s and another place. I am searching for a “kitchen utensil hanging rack” but can’t seem to find one in the big city so I guess internet shopping I will do. Then we got a burger and went to see my mom for a little while, got her laundry and came home, did her laundry and cooked supper. Saturday, we drug ourselves out of bed and took Mother her clean laundry. After we got home is when we did our work.

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Hey! I’m Baack

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

3:45pm Sept 13, 2006

That little girl sure did a great job helping me. Whatever I asked her to do, she did with no hesitation. We got the pots and lids moved to another cabinet. I put stacking shelves in the cabinet so that all my cooking pots fit in one cabinet. I have larger pots that I only use occassonially that I am going to put in another cabinet with my big electric fryer and some large storage bowls. These are the things that I rarely use but when I need them, nothing else will do.

DGD#3 stayed with us from Friday night until after supper on Sunday. I brought DGS#3 home with me and he stayed until I took him home on my way to work on Monday. Had promised DGDs that I would take them to a friend’s house to go swimming, we did this on Tuesday. I brought DGD#4 home with me for a little while Tuesday night. She and DH had a fun time. About 8:30 she walked up to me and said “go now”. I asked if she was reeady to go home and she nodded yes. She is almost 28 months.

When I took DGD#3 home, much to my surprise DGD#2 asked when she could come to my house. She is 13 and has always seemed distant, even at the ages of 3, 4 and 5. She is about 5’4″ and I am only 5′, so I replied that I would have to find some tall work for her to do. On Tuesday, I told her that I had thought of something she could help me do and she seemed pleased. I am planning for her to stay from Thursday night until after supper on Saturday, if she wants to stay that long. Maybe we can develop a closer relationship.

I am a cosmetologist but have not been in a shop for several years. DGD#2 has very, very thick hair and wants a short haircut. I am not sure that I can do what she wants, so Friday I am taking her to my hairdresser. I will pay half and she will pay half.

Mother seems to be doing some better. She has been sick for about 2 weeks with congestation. She took 1 round of antibotics and was still congested, so the dr. ordered a different type and it seems to have worked really well.

I worked my 4 hour shift Monday, but just could not do it today. I lose my voice after being at work about an hour. Not only that, but today I got really hot for no reason and could not cool down, also was very weak, so I only worked 2 hours. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Saturday, DD#1 came over and helped me work some in Mother’s room. We threw out stuff that no one could use, boxed up some clothes that could be used by someone and she took a few pieces for herself. Still have alot to do in that room as we tired to bring a part of Mother’s home here so that she would be more comforable.

Met my brother at the nursing home Sunday. It seems that we rarely see each other anymore. I know that we do, but it is in short visits.

My poor DH has had one week-end off since the first week-end in August and has been told, may not have anymore time off until the first of the year. Right, I can hear some of you know, look at all the money he is making. Money is not everything.

I had more blood work done Monday and my calcuim is still a little high and my thyroid level is too high. The dr told me to go back to the 150 strength of synthroid. Maybe one day the dosage will be right, but until then I can expect to be tired and have no energy.

Excuse the jumping from one train of thought to another, but that is just how I am.

Til next time

Not Much Happening

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Friday, Sept. 8, 2006

Worked my 4 hours. Ready to leave work and my car would not even turn over. Have no idea why the battery died. A friend’s husband jumped it and it has cranked each time since.

After supper DD#1 and I went to see my mom. Mother does not look good and she acts “hum-drum”—”Whatever you want to do is fine with me, I just do not have the energy to care.”

Brought DGD#3 home with me. She is soooooo smart, and only 11 years old. She helped me re-arrange a cabinet several months ago and I told her that I wanted to do more. About every 3 weeks, she has asked if I am ready to work on them. I guess we will do a few after we get up in the am. Hopefully, she will sleep a little late. The last time she stayed over, she got up about 7:30.

Til next time

Work and Home

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Wednesday nite, Sept. 6, 2006 8:15pm

Got up this morning tired. Maybe I was in bed too long or the synthroid is still not at the correct dosage.

I was scheduled to work in Lay-a-Way 11-3 today but when I arrived to work, I was told I needed to work the Service Desk. I soon lost my voice. I often lose it when I am tired or stressed. I made several pages in a whisper, apparently upper management were listening for their names. I am scheduled Lay-a-Way tomorrow and Friday, 11-3. I told one person in management that I was leaving when my relief came in at 2. She said “ok”. When I left at 2:15, I told another manager that I was leaving and she said “ok”. Hopefully, I will not get an infraction for leaving early.

After I got home, I put spare ribs on the stove top to boil and get very tender then added rice. It was done when DH came in from work, heated up leftover veggies, sliced a tomato and we ate. After this I cleaned the kitchen and DH vacummed.

I am now eating the best ice cream made–Mint Chocolate Chip. After I finish it and watch maybe 30 minutes of the tube, and get my dog in, it will be lights out for me.

Til next time