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Electronics Dept.

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Tomorrow is another 4 hours at work in the Electronics Dept., where I really do not know what I am dong.

I usually cashier or did before my surgeory. Sometimes I was scheduled in layaway, as I am 3 days next week.

My favorite place to work is as a cashier and then in the pharmacy. The cash register is too high in the pharmacy, so it makes my neck and shoulders hurt.

Til next time

Almost Done W/Veggies

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Those of you not blessed to have lived on a farm and had the taste of fresh veggies probably think I am somewhat strange to do all this work when I can buy what I want from the store. For me, it is well worth it.

The okra is cooked, bagged and in the freezer. I only got 13 cups from the nine pounds. That is okay because fresh okra shrinks soooooo much when it is cooked.

The bushel of cooked butter beans are bagged and in the freezer.
There were 25 cups. That is good quanity. I am very pleased with the amount of beans I am getting. The other bushel is cooked and I will refrigerate it in the am before I go to work.

Tomorrow afternoon DH and I may ride over to another market in search of colored butter beans and peas.

The Weather Channel and our rain gauge sure have different rainfall totals from Ernesto. It has been raining since mid-morning sometimes just a drizzle and other times a real downpour.
So far we have received over 12 inches of rain.

Not knowing how the weather would develop today, I did not go see my mom.

Plans Failed And Other Doings

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

The cooked beans are still in the refrigerator needing to be bagged and put in the freezer. I have another bushel to be washed, culled, cooked, bagged and put in the freezer. On the way to see Mother yesterday, I stopped at a roadside stand and bought 9 pounds of okra.

My poor mom! She decided during Tuesday night that she would stay in the room she was in but did not tell the workers when they came to move her. Her mind is really sharp most of the time, but does confuse easily and I think that is because she is almost deaf even with hearing aids.

She thinks my brother can do anything!! If what I am doing is not pleasing she tells me when he will visit as if he can make everything just like she wants it. That is a preview for the following: Mother said she wanted to go back to her old room and I told her it was too late now that she had said she wanted to move so I had it done because I thought it was what she wanted. Her reply was —— is coming Saturday. I tell her he can’t change what has been done and she gives me a very stern look.

This so far is today’s happenings: I got up about 8:20, went over to my #1 daughter’s picked up 3 of the grandchildren and took them to the doctor for routine checks and new scripts for asthma and allergies. Got back to my house about 12:30.

Now the beans and okra are getting real impatient and calling me to take care of them!!!!!!!!

Til next time

I Lied

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

I lied, but not on purpose. I did not go see my mom last night. Did not bag the butterbeans for freezing. Neither did I prepare the 2nd bushel. I did bag the okra and put it in the freezer. If you read my other posts, you will see why.

Today, I was a better person or smarter person. I bagged the beans already prepared and put them in the freezer. (This was done while my friend from Sunday School was here. We are so close that we say we are sisters and I do not feel that I have to entertain her when she visits.)

I visited my mom this afternoon. She is not happy in the room that she is in, so we discussed another room for her and hopefully she will be moved tomorrow. Will go see her tomorrow afternoon after I get off work, hopefully.

After we finished supper tonight I washed the second bushel of beans and they are now cooked. If my plans develop I will bag them for the freezer after supper tomorrow night.

Til next time

My Friends Better Than Job’s

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

I am really blessed to have the friends that I do.

One of my work friends had not heard from me in a while, so she emailed me.

One of the young ladies at the optometrist office has called regularly to check my progress. When I was younger, we played on the same softball team.

Another friend offered to bring my husband and myself dinner (supper). Another day she offered to drive me home.

Today one of the members of my Sunday School Class came over with a huge fruit basket, money and a card. True, that was the Christian thing to do but the class also did it because they are my friends.

Ever So Tired

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Yesterday was my first full day at work since I had surgery on July 19. I worked in the pharmacy and was the only assistant that the pharmacist had. I got so tired and wanted to come home really bad, but Mondays are always busy and we were working non-stop–I stayed so that she would not be in a bind. I had only worked 4 days since August 14 and they were all 4 hours or less and very spread out. I am only scheduled Wednesday and Friday for the rest of the week and only 4 hours per day. The doctor is having a hard time regulating my synthroid so I am tired even if I don’t do anything.


Monday, August 28th, 2006

I set my clock last night so that I could get up in time for church. I went to bed about 11, was still awake at 2. Had thryoid surgeory last month so DH calls me every morning to take my synthroid (just like I asked). So at 6am he is calling me, ‘get up take your medicine’, tell him to have good day and go back to bed. 7:30 the clock goes off–Oh No! cut off the clock and sleep until about 9:30. Toooooo late for church.
Call DD#1 (lives mile away) and we make plans to go to Walmart in the big city just a few miles away. Oh, but first we have to have lunch, so we go to CiCi’s pizza buffet and pig out, then on to shopping.
Make a long story short, we were there a long time. My cell phone

rings at 2:15 DH is on his way home from work. “Great, I’ll be home as soon as I find DD and we check out.” I get home about 4:30.
Yesterday he brings home okra that a fellow worker had given him, I start preparing that for the freezer, quit so that we can go back to big city for dinner. (I am just a country girl, so I really say supper.) On the way home we go by a farmer’s market and get 2 bushels of butter beans. They were already shelled so it is about 12 quarts. I washed 6 quarts twice and cooked them about 20 minutes. Before, I go to work in the morning, I will drain and refrigerate them until after I go see my mom tomorrow night, then I will bag and put them in the freezer. The beans were taken care of after I cooked the okra. I will also bag it tomorrow night.
It is now about 10:30 and I am truly exhausted.
til next time

About Me

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Hi, this is my first blog ever. I will give you some of my history. I am married to a great man. We have 2 daughters and 10 grandchildren, 5 girls and 5 boys. I am blessed that one of the daughters lives only 1 mile away and the other one about 30 miles away.

My mother is 95 years old, and much to my sorrow, she now lives in a nursing facility. My dad and 3 brothers are deceased. I have one brother that is still living.

I live in a very very small town on the east coast. We have a mayor, town council and a police department, 3 grocery stores, and 3 gas stations.

Til next time